Terms of Service

By using Sembed (the "Site"), you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Use ("Sembed") and/or any revised version.

Provided Service

Sembed makes available to its users ("You") access to a fully customizable Site that allows you to select and aggregate content provided by third parties ("Third Party Content") through computer programs called an API, and tools that allow you to create and publish any content, of any kind, in accordance with the terms of the Sembed Terms and Conditions. Sembed does not provide content but rather functions as an aggregator. An API is defined as software that provides content, including data from third parties. It is composed of computer code, which is the exclusive property of Sembed.

Use of the Service is free of charge. However, access to Third Party Content may be subject to a charge: this billing is done outside of Sembed. Sembed does not host any Third Party Content and retains only technical data for debugging purpose.

Third-Party Content - Links

Sembed has no control over and does not host Third Party Content or services that may be provided by third parties through the API, or the Site (the "Third Party Services"). Similarly, we cannot control links to other websites or Internet resources. These resources, content and services are provided to you "as is" to facilitate your browsing on the Web. As such, you acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for the resources, content or services of third parties and you agree to communicate directly and exclusively with the third party concerned for any claim or request you may have. We are not responsible for the content, advertising, products, services or any other data or information available on or from these external sites or sources. In addition, you understand that we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from the use of the content, goods or services available on these external sites or sources or related to their use or reliance on them.

Give credit where credit is due. You should always link back to the original piece Third Party Media when possible.

All Third Party Media is the property of the respective third parties. You agree and covenant to obtain all rights from owners of Third Party Media necessary for you to link to or display such Third Party Media.